Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Set up User’s Manager in #Office365


It is important that you have your organization hierarchy set up in order to use advanced features. To setup Manager for User in Office 365, there’s a couple of ways how you can make that happen.
  1. Manager setup in Exchange Online.
  2. Manager setup in Azure AD.
Manager setup in Exchange Online:
1. You need to log in as administrator to your Office 365 and then choose ‘Admin Centers’, and ‘Exchange’.
2. Then go to ‘Recipients’ left menu item, search for the person that you want to manage, highlight the person and choose details.
3. Navigate down to the Organization and then browse their manager.
Manager Setup in Azure AD:
The alternative is to set user’s manager in Azure Active Directory directly. To do that, you need to log in as administrator to your Azure portal, Users and Group > All User.
In order to set Manager in Azure AD, You will need to know manager’s person object ID to set it as a Manager ID for a user (which you can look up by checking manager’s profile)’
Manager’s Profile –
User’s Profile –

After filling Manager ID and saving user profile, Manager will also be shown after a few minutes in Mailboxes (Exchange Online).
Manager setup can also be done in Dynamics 365, for doing so log in to Dynamics 365.
And, go to Settings > Users > Organization information and search for Manager of that user.


In this way you can setup hierarchy in your Organization which is important in order to use full and advanced features, you can also setup manager form Dynamics 365. Setting Manager information between Exchange Online and Azure AD will be synced.

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