Monday, May 27, 2019

Microsoft enhances the Google G Suite to Office 365 migration experience

At the end of 2018, Microsoft has announced about the new Google G Suite to Office 365 migration tool and now it is here. Microsoft has rolled out this new tool which enhances the migration process from G Suite to Office 365.

This Perform G Suite to Office 365 migration documentation from Microsoft, provides you with the steps to perform the staged migration. There was already a way which is IMAP migration to perform migration from G Suite or any other IMAP email system to Office 365 but this option doesn't migrate contacts or calendar items. With this G Suite migration tool, contacts and calendar items also get migrated. 

Mail data will be migrated using the IMAP protocol with this G Suite migration tool. Below data will not be migrated with this tool -
  • Shared calendars, cloud attachments will not get migrated.
  • Three email addresses per contact are migrated.
  • Gmail tags and custom tags are not migrated over.
  • Room bookings.
  • Automatic reply settings.
Advantages of migration using this tool:
  • There will be no additional costs like some third-party migration solutions require.
  • Migrate your mail, calendar, and contacts.
  • Account authentications - No need to have or reset user credentials to migrate their data.
  • Built-in mechanisms to optimize storage by reducing the item duplications as the Labels are converted to Folders.
Looking forward to using this tool for migrating Google G Suite users to Office 365 in the future. I will definitely be going to share my experience in the future.

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